Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sneak Peek!

I have been SO busy! We have had parties, Christmas, normal stuff and we are also painting our bedroom! But, I know some of you are waiting patiently (and not so patiently :) ) for previews of the pictures from the family party. So, here are a few! I will have more of an update and Christmas pictures posted soon!

Jaden and Zane

The McGrails


Aspen, Sage, and Kyson

Shannon and Luke
The Contratto/Harrison Family


Mitchell Family said...

These are great pics, Em. Did you take these??

Sarah said...

Emily, those pictures are awesome! I love the one of your kids all laying down and Aspen is laughing with her mouth open. Precious!
And I love the one with the 'Believe' blocks!
You're good girl!
I am NOT so patiently waiting on pictures from your Christmas.:):)J/K!

The Leavitt Crew said...

Those are great pictures. I love the props you found. I think my favorite one is of Sage.

Emily said...

Thanks gals. Yes April I took them.

Kristine said...

i want some of my boys in the same coloring that u did with sages jammie pic

Blameless said...

Hi Em! You have such a talent with photography!

All of your pictures look like the subjects are having so much fun. Great job!

Do you have your own backdrop, or do you photoshop out the backgrounds? Either way, they look awesome!