Friday, December 12, 2008

Six Girls and HighSchool Musical

So tonight we are lucky enough to have the Kirkham girls and the Dent girls over for the night. So, that is 6 girls. They are watching HighSchool Musical 2 and signing and dancing to EVERY song. It is totally cracking me up. These girls are just too much fun! They have popcorn and are singing and jumping on the couch! Im so glad that my kids have such awesome friends! They are truely lucky! What a loud night this will be!
Poor Kyson is sorely outnumbered! He needs a BOY here!


Mitchell Family said...

Poor Kyson, we would have come rescued him if we could.

Kirkham Family News said...

The Kirkham girls had so much fun that night. Thank you so much for taking them. We need to do it again soon but at my house this time.

Sarah said...

Sounds fun! Poor Kyson! Did he survive?:)