Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hallmark Movies and our Tree

Are Hallmark Movies sappy? Of course! Thats why I love them! I love the Christmas ones even more. I have my DVR recording most of them that come on, and at night after the kids are in bed I get toasty under a blanket and watch another one. I LOVE them! They almost always have happy endings. (Minus the Christmas Shoes, I bawled through that whole movie!) On weekends the kids will all get blankets and stay up and watch them with me. What a fun time of year this is. I didn't take any pictures of my tree this year, but its still the same ol' tree with the same candy decorations as last year!

When we bought it, Farren thought I was crazy for wanting a 12 foot tree, but now he loves it too! Let me see if I can find last years pictures.

(We have since added more ornaments to it)

This one is Savannah's Baby First Christmas. I couldnt find the other kids last year. They may have gotten ruined in the flood. We will order new ones.


Sarah said...

Oh, I would LOVE a that tall!

Beautiful, and I love your ornaments, especially the peppermint one. It looks really neat.

Sarah said...

Yeah, that is supposed to say I would love a TREE that tall.

Mitchell Family said...

Your tree is awesome! I like your ornaments!!